5 Way to Care for Your Oriental

An oriental rug is a beautiful centerpiece for your home. Weaving these ornate pieces can take anywhere from months to years to complete. Filled with beautiful and unique designs, oriental rugs are widely respected for their exquisite attention to detail, their top-grade construction and their brilliant colors. However, over time these rugs can become a bit dulled and in need of cleaning. Proper care and cleaning of oriental rugs is essential  to preserve their luster and beauty for generations to come.

Here are 5 easy things you can do from home today to care for your oriental rug:

  1. Vacuum: For day to day cleaning and protection of your orientals, vacuuming will remove surface soils and insects. Do not neglect out of sight areas, such as under beds, and furniture, where insects and moths can do damage.
  2. Clean Spills: If you should spill a liquid, use white paper/cotton (non-colored cotton) towels to soak up excess moisture; then wet, rinse and blot again, elevate the wet area from the floor until dry. Remove spills/solids as carefully as possible with a shop vac or dull knife – rinse as above.
  3. Long Term Storage: If you should have to store you carpet for any length of time, take care to pack your oriental with moth repellents, and wrap in strong paper – NOT plastic.
  4. Protect Fibers: When arranging furniture, it’s wise to have some sort of protection under the legs to prevent the carpet fibers from being crushed.
  5. Professional Washing: Lastly, most Orientals benefit for a professional washing, but send them only to an expert (like Buddy’s!) who understands the care and extra attention they require.

If you ever have any questions on how to clean your Oriental please give us a call at 417.833.1732. At Buddy’s Carpet Care we pride ourselves in educating our clients! If there’s something we know you can safely do from home to clean your rugs we are happy to walk you through that process – we’re here for you when you need professional help as well.