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What to do in a Water or Flood Emergency?

Call us! Water intrusion can occur from a variety of situations:

  • Storms or floods
  • Pipe breakage
  • Hot water heater failure
  • Sink, toilet or tub overflows
  • Roof leakage
  • Defective or faulty appliances
  • Sump-pump failure
  • High humidity conditions

Water will flow into other areas and materials not originally affected. It flows through holes, crevices, and between walls to lower levels. Many times, areas are affected that may not be obvious to the inexperienced observer.

How Long Before Damage From Water Occurs

Immediately! Even a few hours will increase the damage and contribute to health hazards. Water can wick up sheetrock over an inch an hour. The damage continues to grow until the water is extracted and restorative drying procedures are started. Bacterial growth starts immediately and fungal growth within 48 hours. Time is of the essence! Call us immediately! We answer our emergency phones 24 hours a day!

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Tuft Aide Inc. Sets the Standard for Drying and Restoration Services:

  • Fast response time (usually less than two hours) carpet-wall-mold
  • IICRC certified technicians on every job
  • Latest in restoration technology and equipment
  • Satisfied customers that are quickly restored to their pre-loss state

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Buddy is very knowledged and able! We had a major problem with leaking pipes under our house. After the plumber fixed the leak he suggested we call Buddy at Tuft Aide, Inc. He arrived promptly, surveyed the situation and handled all aspects of the clean-up. A very bad situation turned good! Thank you!”
Catherine Porter
Catherine Porter
“For all you have done for our family during our time of need. We can see how what we thought was a bad thing with our septic backup has become a good thing. By realizing the blessing of you and others lending a loving, helping hand. All of your employees, from the ones answering the phone to the ones in our house, have been so kind and great to work with.”
Tyler and Anna Goodwyn
Tyler and Anna Goodwyn
“Buddy’s Carpet Care came to my rescue when the pipes for my sink burst! Not only did they take the quality time and care it took to dry my hardwood floors out but the follow up was genuine and helpful to ease any extra worries I might have for the life of my floors there after. I would recommend Buddy’s Carpet Care to anyone in need of help with smells, crisis, or questionable issues with their floors.”
Lisa Sifferman
“Always a great experience with Buddy’s! Honest, reliable, fast and priced right. You couldn’t ask for better people to take care of your carpet and rugs. Thanks!”
Don Goddard
Don Goddard
“I have to take this opportunity to thank you for the impeccable service we have received from your company. In a time where service (good service) has become a thing of the past, I applaud you and each of your employees. Jaime’s knowledge and politeness, John’s friendliness and being at the right place at the right time; Kelly always friendly and helpful. I am impressed with your professionalism and high standards. You model what good business is all about!”
Carrie Loretz

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