Health and Safety

Safety Guidelines Our technicians are screened daily for early onset symptom for any illness. This includes a daily temperature check and following the guidelines of the CDC.  

Social Distancing: We love our clients. But for the safety of your family and our employees we request no home occupant be in the rooms we are cleaning. We follow CDC safety guidelines.

Equipment Cleaning/Disinfecting: Technicians wipe down and apply disinfectant to all “in the home” equipment before each new job.

Personal Hygiene: Our employees thoroughly wash their hands before and after each new job. They carry disinfectants with them at all times.

Personal Protective Equipment: Depending on the nature and scope of the project, we use shoe covers, gloves, full-face respirators and full PPE if necessary for your protection and for our employees. We follow the guidelines of OSHA.

Other Precautions: We ask questions about the health status of all occupants of homes and business. 

We are also trained in Microbial Remediation.  We have the experience and training to keep you safe.

Our safe, botanical disinfectants are approved by the EPA in the “emerging pathogens program” for the best practices to break the chain of infection when new microbial threats like SARS-Cov-2.