Client Referral Rewards Program

Do you know about our client referral program?

At Buddy’s we don’t spend money on advertising because we believe that the best way to reach people is through word of mouth. We value our clients and realize that each household is different and deserves special, unique care. It is always our goal to leave our clients completely happy …so happy that they want to tell all their friends about us! To thank our loyal customers we developed our Referral Rewards Program to give back to every new client you send our way.

Earn 10% back on the amount your friends or family spend with us! For each NEW client we receive as a referral from you, we will send you a certificate worth 10% of what that client spends with us. Your referral certificate can be redeemed for CASH or SERVICES. Your choice.

Remember we offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you can be sure that we’ll take the absolute best care of your referrals!