Immediate Damage Containment

What does Immediate Damage Containment mean?

The Immediate Damage Containment (IDC) consists of removing the excess water/sewage, decontamination and installing dehumidification. The Damage Containment has to be completed immediately to prevent further damage, contamination and expenses. Most insurance policies require the insured (yourself) to unilaterally initiate “reasonable and prudent procedures necessary to mitigate the loss.” In other words, to preserve, protect and secure the property from further water damage and reducing the overall claim cost. Therefore, if you have coverage for this type of loss, your insurance company can’t deny your claim because you have not followed your policy requirements for coverage. (However, structural drying and secondary damage containment may be also necessary within 12 hours of the water loss. Check your policy for the details.)

During the IDC, your technician will be blocking and tabbing your furniture and possessions and removing the excess water/sewage to prevent further damage. He/she will also be moving all of the contents to the middle of the room to prepare for structural drying and/or renovation.

Your technician has been specifically trained and equipped to physically remove as much water from your home or business as possible. The primary responsibility of your Immediate Damage Containment Technician is to do a basic floor inspection, chart the affected areas and recommend the safest and quickest way to remove the excessive water. He/She will also install Low-Grain Dehumidification. He/She will give you an upfront estimate ONLY for the immediate damage containment before he/she begins the water removal.