How to Disinfect Your Home Yourself

Need to disinfect your home but can’t afford a professional? Here are our trusted tips for cleaning your home!

When trying to disinfect your house, the goal is to break the soil load.  First you must clean to remove the soil and then apply disinfectant, to bacteria and viruses like Covid-19.  

First step: Remove the soil load by cleaning!

  1. Engage in spring cleaning, clear clutter – Home clutter can harbor pollutants, lead to infection and result in an unhygienic space.

  2. Use soap and water on hard surfaces.

  3. Start at the top of the room and work your way down.

  4. Emphasize cleaning touch points. People are not precise when touching objects. Touch point cleaning should extend past the touch point 3-12 inches.

  5. A trigger sprayer and wipe cloth can be used for cleaning most touch points. A foam applicator allows you to see what is covered and allows the product to stay on the surface longer without drying. Always read directions for instructions on application and dwell time.

  6. Spray the cloth rather than the object. 

  7. Fold your towels into 8 squares(instead of wadding them up)  Wipe one direction at a time, left to right. Refold to a clean square and repeat.

Second step: Apply disinfectants!

  1. Look for an antimicrobial or disinfectant approved by the EPA or FDA for the purpose of surface sanitization or listed in the EPA’s “Emerging Pathogen/listN”  or that meet the requirements of the emerging pathogens procedures for enveloped viruses (the class of organism of the SARS-cov-2) applied in accordance with label directions. 

  2. Apply it in accordance with the label directions.

Buddy’s No-Contact Services

No-Contact Cleaning: 

You can give us instructions and a phone number and we will clean while you are out of your home or business (or in a safe area away from us).

If you are buying, selling or renting a home, we can clean while it is vacant and have it ready for you when you are ready to move in.

As an extra precaution, we can apply an EPA registered botanical disinfectant to give you peace of mind.

No-Contact Rug Pick-up and Delivery

We can pick up your area rugs from your porch or garage

They are cleaned at our safe facility/

They are delivered right to your door.


No-Contact Payment:

We take credit cards over the phone

You can leave or mail a check



Where Does All that Dust and Soil Come From?

When was the last time you pulled out your favorite chair or couch? Have you looked under your bed or pulled out the dresser? Now that can be an eye opener. 

How does all that dirt get there anyway?

About 60% of dust comes from outside.  Soil, Pollen and other outdoor containments can come inside on your shoes, clothes, even your hair. The other 40% come from dust mites (the more dust you have the more dust mites you have), pet dander, dead skin, food debris, insects and insect droppings, lead, arsenic and DDT.

Hidden places dust collects in your home. A quick walk through can reveal obvious places dust collects. Dust also collects in blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, tops of doors, windows and cabinets, upholstery, baseboards and carpeting.

Things often look clean until you peek behind the scenes. It’s a good thing that Buddy’s Carpet Care cleans behind the scenes! Our technicians go above and beyond while cleaning your home to give you the most outstanding service experience possible.  We carefully move furniture out of the way before cleaning and return it safely when we’re done.

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