5 Way to Care for Your Oriental

An oriental rug is a beautiful centerpiece for your home. Weaving these ornate pieces can take anywhere from months to years to complete. Filled with beautiful and unique designs, oriental rugs are widely respected for their exquisite attention to detail, their top-grade construction and their brilliant colors. However, over time these rugs can become a bit dulled and in need of cleaning. Proper care and cleaning of oriental rugs is essential  to preserve their luster and beauty for generations to come.

Here are 5 easy things you can do from home today to care for your oriental rug:

  1. Vacuum: For day to day cleaning and protection of your orientals, vacuuming will remove surface soils and insects. Do not neglect out of sight areas, such as under beds, and furniture, where insects and moths can do damage.
  2. Clean Spills: If you should spill a liquid, use white paper/cotton (non-colored cotton) towels to soak up excess moisture; then wet, rinse and blot again, elevate the wet area from the floor until dry. Remove spills/solids as carefully as possible with a shop vac or dull knife – rinse as above.
  3. Long Term Storage: If you should have to store you carpet for any length of time, take care to pack your oriental with moth repellents, and wrap in strong paper – NOT plastic.
  4. Protect Fibers: When arranging furniture, it’s wise to have some sort of protection under the legs to prevent the carpet fibers from being crushed.
  5. Professional Washing: Lastly, most Orientals benefit for a professional washing, but send them only to an expert (like Buddy’s!) who understands the care and extra attention they require.

If you ever have any questions on how to clean your Oriental please give us a call at 417.833.1732. At Buddy’s Carpet Care we pride ourselves in educating our clients! If there’s something we know you can safely do from home to clean your rugs we are happy to walk you through that process – we’re here for you when you need professional help as well.

5 Advantages of Having Your Upholstery Cleaned by a Professional

As you own a piece of furniture, the cleanliness and luster it first gave off begin to fade after the first couple of years. Did you know it’s possible for your furniture to look brand new again? Buddy’s Carpet Care describes the benefits of having your upholstery cleaned by a professional.
The appearance of older furniture can really benefit from a deep cleaning. You’d be surprised at how much brighter and cleaner your furniture can look just after a cleaning. Whether you’re just wanting to spruce up your old couches or remove stains from newer furniture, upholstery cleaning can really make a difference to your furniture.
If you have problems with allergies, allergens can get trapped in your furniture making it almost impossible to remove them without a deep clean. Upholstery cleaning can eliminate any trapped allergens in your fabric furniture leaving you with a cleaner house and nose.
Sturdy And Long-Lasting
Have you thought about buying new furniture just because of how dirty and stained your current upholstered furniture is? If you’re looking to save money, a professional upholstery cleaning service is a great alternative to buying new furniture. Why buy a new couch or chair when you can get a few more years out of it? A professional upholstery cleaner can make your furniture last years longer and save you from having to buy brand new furniture.
Doing It Yourself Will Never Match A Professional’s Work
People look to save money by completing a task themselves. While this may work in smaller cases, cleaning upholstery is best left to cleaning professionals. Upholstery fibers are quite different than carpet materials and can be ruined in an instant if you use the wrong product or technique. Home cleaners may also be toxic and damage certain materials if you aren’t aware of the product’s ingredients. The benefits of using a professional can include:

  • Using a wide range of products and cleaners unavailable to the public
  • Expertise in furniture types
  • Knowledge in cleaning techniques
  • Professional knowledge with dealing with antique fabrics and furniture

If you’re looking to get your upholstery furniture cleaned and detailed correctly, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals.

Leave Upholstery Cleaning To The Professionals At Buddy’s Carpet Care


Our Nine Step Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Process

In-Plant Rug Cleaning is recommended for Oriental Rugs and loose woven rugs. They should not be cleaned on location like wall to wall carpet. Our company cares for the finest to the most basic rugs from around the world. We will pick your rug up and bring it to our special cleaning plant where it will receive our very thorough Nine Step Cleaning System to get maximum roil and spot removal. Having your rug cleaned in our plant allows us to give it several treatments for a more thorough cleaning, controlled drying, and the use of various tools that are not available on location.

Buddy’s Carpet Care uses the Ausersehlian Cleaning System on your fine textile rugs. This world-renowned system has been proven to be one of the best, most efficient and safest ways to wash Orientals. We use authentic hand washing and compressed air cleaning for our fine textiles. Your valuable rugs are thoroughly yet gently cleaned.

Step 1: Pre-Inspection and Pick Up

We will determine as much as we possibly can about the type of rug and inherent qualities that may affect cleaning. We will outline the expected results and cleaning “prescription”. Our inherent qualities that may affect cleaning. One of our trained technicans will come to your home to pick up your rug, or you may drop it by our shop.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal

Woven rugs, especially hand knotted rugs are designed to hide dry soil. A few years ago, the Eureka company did a study and found that a 9×12 could hide 87 pounds of dirt! Wow! We use a variety of techniques to “dust” the rugs from the front and back. A machine called a pile lifter, special vacuum attachments and any many other methods are implemented. This is the most important step in cleaning any textile.

3. Pre-Condition

Depending on fiber content and soiling type, the rug will be pre-treated to emulsify the soils.

4. Pre-Spot and Fringe Preparation

Any potentially difficult spots will be pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal. The fringe is also pre-treated for maximum soil removal.

5. Shampoo

Depending on fiber content and soiling type, the rug will be pre-treated to emulsify the soils. Most rugs are cleaned with a shampoo that is especially designed to get maximum cleaning while protecting sensitive natural fibers.

6. Rinse or Wash

Depending on the type of rug it will be rinsed with extraction equipment on both sides or washed in a wash pit.

7. Dry

Once the soil is rinsed away, the rug is dried flat or hung to dry in a controlled environment. Proper drying is essential to avoid unnatural shrinkage.

8. Finishing

When the rug is dry, it is combed and finished with soft groomers made for specialty rugs.

9. Post Inspection and Delivery

Our cleaning specialist will give the rug a final inspection and release it for delivery. Your rug will be wrapped in brown craft paper to protect it from dust and environmental soils until it is delivered. Upon delivery, we will lay the rug for you.


What You Should Know Before Buying An Oriental Rug

In today’s market there are many types of handmade rugs including kilms, sumaks, tapestries, etc. However the rugs most often chosen for a luxurious look and long term use are handwoven knotted pile carpets produced in Iran, India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Turkey, Russia, Rumania, Armenia, and Nepal. A pile rug, which may take months or even years to complete, differs from other hand-made floor coverings in that the knots are individually inserted into the foundation and then cut one at a time.

The quality of an oriental rug not only depends on knot count and materials used, but on many other factors such as complexity of design, number of colors, and dying techniques.

The first things to ask yourself are:

Do the colors and size meet your needs?

Does the carpet look beautiful and fit within your budget?

After locating a few pleasing rugs:

  1. The structure of the carpet, consisting of the knotted pile, warp and weft threads, fringe and selvedges, should be closely examined.

The knot count may vary from 50 to 1,000 knots per square inch. A higher count usually indicates a more valuable rug, but not always. The degree of fineness of the rug can be determined by looking at the back.

The warp and weft threads should also be checked from the back of the rug to see if there are any breaks or cuts. Additionally, you should look carefully to see if any repairs have been made and, if so, properly executed. If not, your carpet may unravel.

The pile should be checked closely for holes, stains, and moth damage (especially in older rugs).

The fringe should be inspected to determine if it is in good shape, is original or the sides of the rug should be strong and fairly straight.






2.  The colors should be examined for running. By wiping a damp cloth firmly over the rug, you can determine if the colors will run. Sometimes in new carpets, you will see faded or antique looking effects. These are simply fashionable dying effects to create an antique look.

      3.  The pile of the rug should be even and consistent in all areas. You can check this by running your hand across the pile from edge to edge.

      4. The lay of the rug is important. Often minor imperfections and wrinkles can be easily fixed by stretching or blocking.


It’s standard with most dealers to let you try out different carpets on a “free trial” basis. This will give you the opportunity to find out if your selection fits with your decor.

Finally, there are so many factors that determine the quality and value of an oriental rug that it takes caution and thorough study to make an intelligent purchase. Give Buddy a call if you have any questions! Once you’ve purchased your oriental you will want to make sure it is properly cleaned and cared for regularly. Buddys Carpet Care cleans everything from the finest to the most basic rugs from around the world. We will pick your rug up and bring it to our special cleaning plant where it will receive a very thorough Nine Step Cleaning System to get maximum soil and spot removal.

To learn more about our nine stop oriental rug cleaning process click here!